Zennie Bonde Mogensen, Silent Walk Society. 

Zennie is woman who spreads her love in many directions. As a succesful entrepreneur, author, coach, psychotherapist mentaltrainer and health mentor she has helped thousands of people to healthier lives. Mentally as well as physically.

This year she introduced a beautiful new branch to her visionary work: Silent Walk Society.
Every tuesday at 5 o’clock, silent guides all over Denmark take groups for a one hour walk in silence. Closing with a heart meditation. All for free.

Walking in silence with other people cultivates your being present, your sense of connectedness and your nurture your relationship with yourself. Being in nature will sooth your nervous system, reduce stress and make you more empathetic. We are reminded to stop in our tracks and take a break from the noise and hustle of everyday life.

At Unfold Your Love 2018 Zennie will take everyone interested for a walk in silence on sunday morning at 8 o’clock, to give you the best possible beginning of the day in the incredibly beautiful nature surrounding Fredensborg Store Kro.

www.silentwalksociety.com (in danish)