Yvette Taylor is the creator of EAM – The Energy Alignment Method™, the worlds fastest personal transformation and law of attraction method. She is a multi award winning transformational life and business coach, inspirational speaker, mentor and change maker.

Her energy healing technique EAM has been dubbed “the fastest transformational energy tool for getting in flow”.

She has spent 15 years using and teaching estern principles spiritual practices and self-developement throughout the UK.

In 9 Years working as a business and marketing coach, she has worked with over 300+ spiritual leaders and entrepreneurs, to design a business and lifestyle which creates an impact in the world.

She has won 3 national awards for the “Uk’s Best Social Media”, “UK’s best Coaching and mentoring Business” and national Award for “shining Online”, for making an impact to women in the UK.

For more information: energyalignmentmethod.com/