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Anja Steensig is an inspirational speaker, spiritual mentor and healer from Denmark. She is best known for her many years on television where she hosted various shows on DR, TV2 and TV3, before she left the mediabusiness to dedicate herself to sharing the message of compassion and to teach how we can connect to our hearts.

The part of ourselves that holds our truth, our intuition and our capacity for love. In order to live our lives from a place of compassion, self compassion, connectedness and clarity.


Inger Hjort, spirituel trainer, and founder of connecte. By sharing her own story on how to be awake and conscious, she hope to inspire the people she meet. Her dream and life mission is to raise the consciousness in the world, since she believes that this is the first step to peace. Within as well as in the outer world.

Inger helps speakers and trainers sharing their transformational messages, and then she also produce podcasts for reaching even more people on her mission. 


Jacob Mikkelsen passionately believe in a World that does not exist – yet! ♥ Jacob´s codex for life is “Love Will Lead The Way” and his passion is the simple but powerful message, that service to others is a universal and unlimited field of energy that lives in each and every human being.

Jacob has dedicated his life to twist the concept of service, from not only something you give, but rather a state of being…you ARE service and you ARE love. He is 3rd generation hotelier, speaker and TV-host, and he is partner in hotel Fredensborg Store Kro.