Pamela von Sabljar is a radical speaker, facilitator and mentor for human connection in the borderland between science and spirituality.

She is driven by a passion for creating change through self-leadership, amongst individuals, companies, organizations and society.

Self Leadership is the art of unleashing your potential aligned to your purpose to lead yourself towards your self-chosed purpose, despite the unpredictable events and challenges of life.

Pamela believes that real societyal development starts at the level of the individual.

Pamela is a genuine “gapfinder”, who has spent the last twenty years of her life inspiring and educating people in the behavioral changes necessary to embrace self love and gain greater self leadership.

Her main focus has been to “walk the talk”, focus on moving from words to action and developing a daily practice that develops your self-leadership and deepens spirituality.

She works intuitively and uses various techniques that combine ancient wisdom with new research in neuroscience, motivation and happiness research leading to developing the 5 super skills; compassion, openness, perspective taking, value driven and sense making – skills that maximizes our possibility for unfolding love, deep connection, interconnections and a sense of cohesion in a fast changing world.

She has over 20 years experience of leadership, personal development and behavioural science. Throughout her career, she has worked with the business sector, public sector and private individuals, specialising in personal-, group- and organisational-development.

She developed two programs for Self-leadership for both youth and adults and she is the author of books and mediations on self-development, gender equality and pedagogy as well as several childrens books.

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