The voice and music of Cecilie Glenthøj is full of love. As she sees it as her great mission and calling to let love unfold in every aspect of life. Her music is one of her many attempts to do so.

Her songs reflect her own search for authenticity, love, and knowledge in a world constantly. Her lyrics express some of the fears, frustrations, and sorrows one may experience but at the same time express hope as an inevitability. She writes songs in Danish, English, and Spanish, depending on her mood and what she wants to express.

On stage, Cecilie has a unique way of connecting with her audience. Her heartfelt singing and natural charm seem to touch the heart of the listener. Her songs are both powerfully expressive and fragile. They are feelings expressed musically.
Though currently living in Copenhagen, Cecilie’s passion for life and its endless possibilities and adventures, have brought her and her music all around the world. Recently in South America she had the pleasure of singing for and meeting the local people of Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil.

Besides from singing and writing songs, she is a passionate Health Advisor and Psychomotor Therapist, and is currently taking a Master of Educational Psychology. She has a great eager for understanding the life of the human body and mind, and to combine that knowledge with creativity and intuition.

At Unfold Your Love 2018 Cecilie will invite you to open your heart, to let yourself be moved and to connect with that certain light and love, that all of us carry within.

As in one of her songs: “Only with love do I feel safe. Only with love can we find home”.

Find out more about Cecilie and her work by visiting her website: