Anja Steensig will be your host during the 2 days event. Anja is formerly known from many years in television, she is now an inspirational speaker, spiritual mentor and healer dedicated to share the message of love and compassion and to teach how we can connect to our hearts.

At Unfold Your Love she will be serving you, holding the space with love for you to be nourished and inspired.

Said about Anja Steensig:

In my many years of meeting people on a path of awakening it is rare that I meet a light shining as brightly as Anja´s.

When I heard her speak for the first time I could see that every ounce of her journey has been transmuted into the embodiment of the level of self love that she now stands for.

Her ability to emanate this in the visualisation techniques and meditations she guides and teaches is a further testament to the depth of Anjas ability to heal and transform.

I believe the power behind the energetic experience Anja creates is her true and courageous grasp of vulnerability as the true doorway to personal empowerment, authenticity and deep self love.

Anja must be experienced to really understand a profundity that words fail to truly to describe. I cannot recommend her highly enough for events, facilitations and speaking engagements. Her message, teaching and gifts must be made accessible globally“.

– Willow McIntosh, Author and Speaker